Benefits Of Concrete Flooring For Your Kitchen

There are countless options out there for kitchen flooring, from farmhouse wood floors to sleek, modern tile or stone. While all of these materials have their benefits and work beautifully with many different kitchen styles, concrete flooring is gaining ground in becoming a popular kitchen flooring option.

Now, before you start picturing grey, cold concrete floors that come straight out of a warehouse, it’s important to understand that concrete flooring is much more versatile than you might think! When used in a kitchen, concrete floors can be installed in a wide range of stunning colors, sheens, textures, and patterns—creating a beautiful and functional foundation for the heart of your family’s home.

While the beauty of concrete floors in the kitchen make them one of the most modern and innovative ways to ramp-up the style in the space, that’s not the only advantage that they offer. There are several other benefits to choosing concrete flooring when you’re ready to take the leap in a kitchen remodel.

Sustainability for a Greener Home

Green living and sustainability have become top concerns for modern-day homeowners, so why not turn your kitchen into an eco-friendly mecca with beautiful concrete floors? As a highly sustainable flooring material when you use an existing concrete pad, concrete floor installation can avoid using new materials to cut down on waste and debris being sent to the landfill.

To ensure that your concrete floors are as sustainable as possible, consider the following questions:

  • What’s in the Concrete Mix? Durability and performance are both important factors when choosing a concrete mix, but you also need to consider the use of substances, such as coal fly ash, and weigh the pros and cons of its sustainability before committing.
  • How Eco-Friendly is the Colorant and Sealant? When choosing the colorant and sealant for your new concrete floors, look for a product that is labeled as low-VOC. This will help you avoid carcinogenic solvents found in high-VOC products that are much less eco-friendly.
  • What Cleaning Practices are the Best? Installation isn’t the only time you need to think about sustainability with your floors! You also want to keep indoor air quality at optimal levels by choosing natural, safe cleaning products that have EPA labeling.

Low-Maintenance Care and Upkeep

With its heavy daily use, the kitchen can become a messy, cluttered space—fast. So, choosing a new floor that doesn’t require constant scrubbing, scouring, and deep-cleaning of the grout is a smart move to cut back on your daily chore list. The smooth, wall-to-wall coverage of concrete floors creates a seamless surface that requires minimal maintenance and upkeep to stay looking its best. In fact, a once-a-week mopping with some soapy water is all you’ll need to keep your floors shining!

Affordable, Cost-Effective Pricing

Any size kitchen remodel is a big expense, and replacing the flooring can be a major portion of your budget. Fortunately, concrete flooring isn’t just durable and stylish, it is one of the most affordable solutions out there for getting a high-end look in the kitchen! If all you need to do is give an existing concrete slab a polish and shine, you’ll be looking at just $2 to $6 per square foot. For more elaborate and decorative finishes, such as grid patterns, different colors, or texture, you can expect the cost to range from $5 to $8 per square foot.

You want your kitchen to look great and hold up to the demands of daily life, and that starts from the ground-up when planning a kitchen remodel. With the benefits of concrete flooring, you are sure to get a gorgeous kitchen update that stands the test of time—without dealing with stress, hassle, and an empty bank account along the way.



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