Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

Concealed Storage

A busy look in the home kitchen is out, and trendy homeowners are continuing to lean towards concealed options when it comes to storage. Clean designs are still a focus this year, making options for hidden cabinets and unobtrusive pantries a top choice.


Open Shelving

Last year was the rise of the open shelving trend—making it ideal for complementing traditional cabinets—but this style isn’t on its way out quite yet. Instead of sticking with your basic open shelving, however, trendy homeowners are looking to mix and match shelving elements for added style. Glass shelving is becoming increasingly popular, while wood or metal shelving is still holding its own as a way to make a bold statement within your cabinet layout.


What’s Out?

  • Ultra-White Kitchens: It wasn’t too long ago that all-white kitchens were all the rage. However, this stark, ultra-white design leaves little room to showoff your personality and style.
  • Glossy Finishes: To stick with on-trend kitchen options, avoid the glimmer of glossy surfaces! Go for matte colors in your appliances, and stick with pops of shine through style accents.
  • Rose Gold Accents: Rose gold saw its day in the sun, but today, this trend is on the way out and being replaced with mixed metal options and unexpected materials.



Beautiful countertops can make your daily life easier and add exceptional drama to any room, and there are plenty of countertop materials to choose from! For the ideal counters for your trendy kitchen, look for these tried-and-true options:

  • Butcher block countertops that are virtually maintenance-free and a stylish neutral element.
  • Quartz counters as a trendy choice that is highly customizable, easy-to-clean, and indestructible.
  • Concrete counters that fit beautifully with a minimalist design, are budget-friendly, and surprisingly stylish.

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