Modern Kitchens With Sleek Styling

Is your home aesthetic a big more cutting-edge than the classic, rustic designs of a farmhouse kitchen? Then a modern kitchen remodel might be the ideal choice for your home! Modern kitchens are loosely defined with sleek styling and strong, horizontal lines throughout the space, while incorporating industrial elements that bring your current kitchen into the 21st century. The key features that you’ll want to focus on when creating your perfect modern kitchen include:

  • Cabinets: Called by many names, including overlay, Euro frameless, and full overlay, frameless cabinets are the perfect addition to a modern space. With this style, the cabinet door overlays the box of the cabinet to create a sleek, consistent look that plays off the other striking features in your kitchen design.
  • Small Details: With a modern kitchen, the phrase “less is more” has never been truer! Instead of overdesigning your remodel, focus on simple, clean accessories and an overall lack of ornamentation. Integrated hardware, glass backsplashes, industrial elements, and solid counters are all smart choices for a modern space.

If you love the look of a modern kitchen, but you want to add a bit of eclectic playfulness and cutting-edge technology to your home, you can expand on this style to create a contemporary kitchen! Contemporary kitchen designs include many of the same elements of modern kitchens — with a few more surprising elements, vintage touches, and high-tech appliances thrown in.

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